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We’re gearing up for a new website launch at work. We currently use CodeIgniter, but as the years ago by it’s becoming increasingly clear that CI is becoming stagnant. I have been looking into Laravel and have fallen completely in love with it. With Blade, Eloquent, Composer, Elixir, Namespace support, and Artisan it is clear that Laravel will be the better way to go. From what I hear, Laravel 5.1 will also introduce PSR-2 standards for the engine itself. Sadly, due to time restrictions, we may end up sticking with CI. But in the event that we do move on to Laravel, I am super excited!

If you’ve never used or checked out Laravel and you’re a PHP developer, do check out this Laracasts series! I starts you off with the most recent release and teaches you the basics of all the amazing features of Laravel 5.

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