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apex:commandButton, You suck.

I’m working on a simple button that is supposed to invoke one of my methods while setting a variable from the button.  I’ve found 10 ways to do it, and none of them work…..  Why do you hate me, VisualForce and Apex?

Here’s the relevant VisualForce code…


And the relevant Apex…

This looks like it should work! However, it does not.  It looks like it’s actually been a bug since at least 2010…  Or at least people have had the same issue all the way back then.  Anyone know of a work-a-round that actually works?  All I need is a button that passes a variable somehow to the controller!  It shouldn’t be this hard.

Well, it’s 5p here, so it’s time to go home.  Salesforce.  I’m done with you today.  Goodbye.

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