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For the past few months I dropped learning C# and Unity 3D due to how busy I’ve been with work an my personal life.  I’m looking to pick it up again a little bit now.  In fact, I’ve already started on a few tutorials.  Now, I can’t promise I will continue for an extended period of time due to work and personal life… Again… haha.

Anyway, I decided to do something a little more simple than what I was doing before.  I had started learning how to make an FPS as well as automated tile-based map creation.  Now I’m going through a tutorial that is teaching me how to make a simple block based game.   Now this game is really, really simple.  But it will be a good, simple game to help me reorient myself into Unity 3D.

So far with what I’ve done in the past and what I’m doing right now I really enjoy programming.  I’ve, also, worked with other languages in the past for work and personal reasons.  The language I have most experience in would be PHP/MySQL with personal websites and services.  At work I’ve been learning C++ with the Arduino Microcontroller for automated validation purposes and have really enjoyed working with it.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully be updating the blog more with what I learn as I learn it.  Hope you all enjoy!

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