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Helpful, No-Duh, “You idiot” Tip

So, I’ve been playing with animations after learning about them in the tutorial series I mentioned in my Return to Unity post.  I got the animation to be where I wanted it and set up the objects script to initiate the animation.  Code was good, no errors.  Animation was good and all attached to the object.  Everything should work, right?  Wrong.  Hit play and triggered the event that should animate my object.  Nothing….  So I try it again…. Still nothing…  I ended up spending a good 30 min to an hour trying to figure out why my object wasn’t performing the animation.  I looked at a ton of different things.  Tried different methods of calling the animation in my code.


Nothing seemed to work.  Just when I was about to give up I saw what was wrong…  Let’s see if you can’t see what the issue was… It’s so dumb.  You’ll probably see it in 2 seconds.

Yup.  See that unchecked box between the play button image and “Animation”?  That means the animation is disabled…  Oops.

Long story short, be sure your components are properly enabled before you spend a long time banging your head against your keyboard.

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